“Just the ebb to my flow. The challenge is to be with the ebb and not force the flow.”

Not long after writing that phrase as part of a message to someone, the truth of the words struck me. The layers of pushing on through, striving, being constantly on the go and busy, are still peeling away. I still find it hard to be fully with the ebbs of life, to allow my own nature to do her thing.

In all of life, there is opposing energy and movement. What goes up must come down. The tide comes in and it must also ebb away. There is light and dark, summer and winter. You know all this, right? And yet, in our modern western world, most of us struggle with this concept when it comes to our own nature. We struggle to surrender to the seasons and cycles of life, forever trying to keep going as if life were just one straight line to follow.

As I muse on the concept of ebbs in life, it’s like parts of life need to fall away. More shedding of the old stuff, letting go of another piece of heaviness we’ve been carrying. And whilst there’s a certain return of flow, what comes with that flow is different somehow.

This particular ebb of mine is a gentle one, like the soft white foam of the sea, pulling away from a golden sand, against a backdrop of an endless horizon. Not sure what lays beyond, but knowing that what’s there is ‘right’.

I think the gentleness of this ebb is, in part, due to my increasing awareness of the importance of surrender, and a knowing that the flow will return, that ebbs are a part of the cyclical nature of life. 

But knowing and doing are two different things and the challenge to completely be with it is ever present. So the musing continues!

Questions for your musing and pondering

  • What is there for you to surrender to?
  • What heaviness can you let go of?
  • How might things shift if you allowed your energy to ebb for a while?

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