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Hi, I’m Wendy.

I provide inspiration, motivation and tools to enable people to live their best lives in midlife and beyond.

Midlife, for many, is a time of unravelling and letting go of old ways to create space for new. I sometimes refer to this as coming back to our true nature, and a lot of my work is at the intersection of the natural world around us, and the true nature of our selves that is longing to be seen and accepted.

Most of what I provide here is my writing – musings and tips on living our best life. My own unravelling, with all its delights, runs through all of it – this can be serious, it can be humorous; it can be about the joys of life and the pains too.

Sometimes I create products and offer services and the best place to hear about those is via my mailing list, more info below.

So, if you’re at midlife and interested in your own personal growth through this time, then you’re welcome.

This website is for those of you who…

  • are looking to live a more authentic, (nature) connected life,
  • want to focus on what matters most in life, the simple things that bring us joy,
  • are looking for inspiration, motivation and tips on doing this midlife unravelling,
  • don’t mind the warts ‘n all version of it, it’s not all sweetness and light here in the undergrowth.

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  • guidance on deciding your first step on your route back
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As well as a great source of inspiration and motivation, it’s the best place to get all the up to date content I’ve created and signposts to other great stuff.

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  • From time to time, I sell products and events, so I’ll also tell you about those.

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Read the blogs

The home page is where all my recent blogs are. Scroll through, choose a category, or use the search bar to find articles that may be of interest to you. Each article tends to have a coaching element to it too, so that it gives you something to muse on for your own personal growth.

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