I’ve written previously of Summer being the season of abundance, and sitting in my garden recently I could see the abundance of all that has grown this year.

But I also noticed the ‘work’ that needs doing, what might be seen as mess, overgrowth, and disorder. I also wrote about my musings on that here, and whilst I’m still pondering on this, it’s definitely made me think about the maintenance side of summer and what that reflects for me in my life.

By the time we get to summer, the seeds sown in spring have come to life, there is nothing more to do other than enjoy the beauty of what we’ve created. And yet, there’s a balance between allowing the beauty to naturally wither and die as we approach autumn, and taking care of what’s important.

Honestly, when it comes to my life, I’ve not reached that balance yet! I think in my quest to follow my wanderings and wonderings, and in my letting go of the structure and duty of previous years, I’ve lost sight of some the important things in my life that need a commitment to ongoing care and attention.

In my spring into action workshop that I ran last year, I talked about discipline being a foundation of creating natural success in our lives. Discipline coming from the word disciple, a person who devotes themselves to something they love. And whilst, my relationship with discipline and structure has evolved since I ran that workshop, the principles still resonate, and so as well as abundance and play, summer gives me an opportunity to recommit to ongoing care and attention to what’s important to me right now.

This isn’t about setting goals or redoing my to do list (which I no longer have, yay 😉); this is more nuanced. It’s a subtle nudge, a remembering if you like, of what matters to me when the noise and clutter isn’t in the way.

So, my summer maintenance themes are:

  • Gentle re- strengthening of my back (since my accident in May!)
  • Eating, drinking and moving for healing and nourishment
  • Spending time with people who feed my soul and make me laugh
  • Keeping up my writing
  • Continue the unravelling

So, what about you? Have a ponder, I’ve put some questions below.

Questions for your musing and pondering

  • Where have you lost commitment to something that you’d like to reconnect to?
  • What might your summer maintenance themes be?
  • What beauty have you created this year?

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