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Life takes you to depths of pain you never thought possible, and then plunges you deeper still.

What once you believed permanent and stable, is torn away like a limb being wrenched from its socket.

When you live with a loss that’s not finite, that tearing away feels like a constant dislocation. Excruciatingly painful, still there but not intact. Hanging.

This grief, this infinite grief, teaches you to live with uncertainty, instability, and impermanence.

To let go of desperate hope, and instead take the soft hand of possibility.

It shows you that love is at the heart of grief, and no matter what, that love is indestructible. Love is what’s permanent.

It teaches you to ride the waves of sadness and pain, their arrival and intensity unpredictable and blind-siding.

Others will not always see your grief, or be able to be with you, or it; infinite grief teaches you this too.

Life is not about pushing away the pain and the grief, but finding ways to simply be with, and respond to, what is.

It can still be beautiful and gratitude can be found in the harshest of pain.

Go gently and be with it all.

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