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In conversation with a friend recently, I described my life as having had been whimsical. In the not too distant past, I would have said that in a critical tongue, “no sense of direction, flitting from one thing to another, no idea what you want”, you get the drift.

Now, I can say it in full acceptance of this is who I am, and it’s something I love about myself.

As I look back, I see that my life has been a series of experiments. And as with all the best experiments in the science lab at school, some haven’t gone so well, some have been catastrophic (think 1980s hair-sprayed flick singeing in the Bunsen burner), but mostly they’ve gone well.

Through all the experimenting, I’ve made some bold choices, taken some unusual routes, and gone against the grain. And in doing so, I’ve created new pathways for others to follow. Opened doorways that were seemingly closed. Inspired others to make the bold choices, take the unusual routes and go against the grain.

Sowing seeds. Provoking thought and possibility.

I haven’t always known about the impact I’ve made on someone, nor sometimes have they, immediately. In some instances, I’ve found out about it years after, other times people have told me, but mostly it’s just something I believe about myself as I look back over my life. These are my imprints on the world.

It’s not great for the ego, when the impact of your contribution isn’t always consciously felt. And it’s not always easy following your soul’s calling when your egoic self screams for something else.

But there’s a real sense of coming home in the knowing that my imprints on the world will be felt far beyond any egoic sense of ‘success’.

So, my life so far has been whimsical and for that I’m grateful, and I’m honoured to leave my imprints on the world.

(By the way, the 80s hair, Bunsen burner thing didn’t actually happen, that was a figment of my imagination!)

    Questions for your musing

    1. As you connect with your own soul’s calling (even if you’re only hearing the whispers at the moment), what are the imprints you want to leave in the world?
    2. What would emerge if you let go of the egoic voice?

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