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Cider With Sal

Hillard’s basic orchard juice, clutched tightly in our hands. Proudly paid for with our YTS wages, Club Tropicana playing in stages as we pause our Walkman and talk for ages, of the summer ahead and the fun we have planned. Long summer days of cider with Sal....

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Axe murderers, lil ol’ ladies and myth busters!

(First written November 2018) Well, whereas one of my previous posts should have come with a BA rating (boobage alert), this one comes with a BTB alert (beware the bias.) Anyhoo, this post will contain much irony, with splatterings of artistic licensing and a good old...

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The Art Of Making Friends

(First written October 2018) A couple of weeks ago, I changed my Facebook profile picture. I think it’s a lovely picture of me and I don’t always think that about photos of me as I’m often captured mid blink which doesn’t show me at my fullest potential! Anyway, this...

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The Day The Pigeon Stopped My Life

(First written April 2019) This post contains mild swearing, elements of anger directed at a small minority of our feathered friends, lots of digression, and some 1970s parenting hilarity! If any of this is likely to offend you, scroll on by! The story starts with me...

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