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Heartache & Loss

The Infinite Grief

Life takes you to depths of pain you never thought possible, and then plunges you deeper still. What once you believed permanent and stable, is torn away like a limb being wrenched from its socket. When you live with a loss that's not finite, that tearing away feels...

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About My Blogs On Grief & Loss

I used to think that grief was reserved for death. That it was something we ‘did’ for a short while and then ‘got over’. A naïve view, perhaps, in hindsight, but I’d become adept at dealing with setbacks in life and never really thought that grief was anything else...

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Silent Tears

(First written 8th August 2020) I lay in bed alone at night,and cry my silent tears.For the things I've lost,the mistakes I've madeand the things I can't put right. I wake up in the morningwith the weight of my silent tearsbearing heavy on my heart.I rise from bed and...

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A Griever’s Plea

Will you sit with me in my pain, rather than trying to make me feel better with platitudes? For as long as it takes? As hard and as confusing and desperately uncomfortable it may be for us? Will you watch me sob my gut wrenching, ugly, messy tears, without reaching...

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As Grateful As I Am

As grateful as I am,I don't want just the glimpses, the snippets, the footnotes.I want it all, the whole fucking lot.I want to stare at your face for a lifetime, lose myself in your words, and languish in the depths of your stories.As precious as they are, the moments...

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Down By The River

(First written 17th June, 2018) Down by the river today, I cried and cried and cried. For days gone by,the things we've lost,and days that might not come. The longing,the sadness,the hurt and the grief. I cried and criedfor all of that,down by the river today.

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