When you look out into nature, you’ll notice that it’s ever changing. Sometimes it’s gentle and calm, and sometimes wild and raging. We see it shifting from the dying to the slow regrowth of life, from bare to abundant, silent to cacophonous. And it does all of this with seeming effortlessness. No pushing or forcing, simply surrendering to its natural process.

As humans, we are part of nature but many of us have disconnected from this knowing. We’ve disconnected from our instinctive ability to be with life, to ebb and flow, and surrender to the natural process. In turn, we’ve disconnected from our selves, our true nature, and are living as human doings not beings. This is having a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of us as individuals as well as humanity as a whole.

Re-establishing my nature connection has been a significant part of my midlife personal development, and aligning with the underlying energy of the seasons is one of the ways I do that.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the key energies of each of the seasons so that, if you allow yourself to align with them, it can support you in reconnecting with yourself and life.

What does it mean to align with the energy of the seasons?

For me, aligning with the energy of the seasons starts with tuning into the overall rhythm that is nature. The ebb and flow, yin and yang, light and dark. Each season has its own unique energy within the overall rhythm, and to align with them needs a practice of awareness and presence.

The simplest way to do this is to build a nature connection practise, that is to be with nature as much as possible so you can notice what she’s showing you. When we’re connected with nature, she acts as a beautiful mirror, metaphor and guide to our own true nature and what resides in our hearts.


It’s the Spring Equinox, around the 20/21 March, that officially marks the start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, though the energy of Spring starts to emerge from around February time. Imbolc and into Spring, brings an energy of awakening after the hibernation of Winter, the sense of something new on the horizon. The skies are getting bluer, the snow drops are appearing in our gardens and woodlands, and the days are starting to get longer. New life is emerging and we’ll be feeling this too.

We might be feeling the urge to throw open the windows, and let the fresh air and warmth from the sunlight in. There’ll be a rise in energy in our bodies, no longer wanting to curl up indoors, but a desire to get out and feel the air on our skin. There’ll be a sense of opening ourselves up to to new possibilities, new growth.

Spring is the stretch and yawn of waking up from our yin slumber to the emerging yang action. It’s the time for taking the insights from our wintering, and sowing the seeds of possibility and growth we want to see for the future.  It’s not the time for making it all happen, simply sowing and nurturing the seeds. Read my Spring Fable for inspiration.

Words for your Spring musing: new, possibility, growth, nurture


As we move through Beltain towards Summer, life is at its most potent, the yang energy of action and extraverting fully present now. Everything around is blooming into life and we start to see and feel the abundance of what we planted in Spring. Creation is all around, if we’ve not interfered with the seeds doing their thing.  As we reach the Summer Solstice, around June 20/21/22, we reach the peak of our yang energy, everything is ‘done’ and it’s a time for celebrating our creations. 

The days get shorter following the Summer Solstice, and  we can feel summer drawing to a close as Lammas approaches at the end of July/ beginning of August.

Culturally, July and August is the time we holiday, take time to be with family and friends, to play and relax in what is hopefully lovely weather. Maybe this harks back to the times when we were fully connected with nature and we all downed tools to celebrate all that we’ve created and to dance with life before the energy shifts again towards Winter.

But, with work and other commitments for most of us, this is not always possible and we run the risk of exhausting ourselves trying to do all the work and fit in some play.

Late Summer/Lammas is about gathering in and reaping the fruits of our labour, starting the preparations for Winter. It provides us with an opportunity to reflect on what has manifested this year and lovingly accept that which hasn’t; to think about what’s most important in our lives.

Words for your Summer musing: play, celebration, acceptance, abundance


Autumn brings winds of change; a noticeable shift in energy, as well as a change in the outer world. The days are much shorter, the leaves are turning golden and falling from the trees, the wildlife is becoming quieter. The yang energy is being replaced by the yin, and we start to feel the slowing down, the final out breath before the in breath of winter and its retreat. Winter is fast appoaching and it’s time to make sure we have made all of our preparations. It’s a time for gathering in the final harvests and celebrating with gratitude all that we have created this year.

It’s a time for clearing the way. For endings, goodbyes, and letting go. This can be hard, but just as nature clears the way for next Spring, so must we.

We can continue the reflections we started in Late Summer, in the knowing that we’ll carry these through to Winter.

Words for your Autumn musing: gratitude, preparation, clearing, endings


Ah, Winter. Probably the hardest season for us to be fully in flow with, given the busy-ness of life and the relentless culture of ‘always on’ that we live in. But, perhaps the season where we can benefit from the most profound shifts if we were to surrender to it.

Winter can bring us harsh realities, both meteorologically, as well as emotionally and spiritually. If we’ve prepared well in Autumn, then we’ll be equipped to ride the storm.

Winter invites us to be still, to turn inwards and be present to what is, to trust in the process of nature. This stillness is not ‘inactive’ but it’s a receptive action. Though we can’t necessarily see what’s happening, we have a deep inner knowing that from the surrender, beauty will emerge.

If you give yourself the gift of wintering, immerse yourself in its beauty. Adopt the Danish practice of Hygge, get out into the gorgeous Winter nature, journal, and get curious about yourself.

Words for your Winter musing: stillness, reflection, retreat, trust

Additional Resources

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