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Do you hear it?

No, not the noise in your head,

with jobs to do,

wrongs to right,

and pains to heal.

I mean the beautiful melody of birdsong on an early spring morning.

Their hypnotic tune,

calling you to listen,

to the here, the now.

To sit in the quiet,

and the still.

Where there is nothing to do,

and nowhere to be.

Do you hear the mischief in their whistle?

Daring you on.

To fly,

to be free, be wild?

Do you hear it? I mean, really hear it?

Can you absorb its resonance,

so it becomes your every breath?

So it beats as one with your heart?

Because this, this birdsong,

it is the song of your heart.

It is the melody of your soul.

Do you hear it? Will you listen?

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