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In the latter half of 2019, I left a well-paid, secure job without another to go to.

Reckless, stupid were the words I imagined people were saying about my decision, though no one actually said that to me.

Brave was the word that was mostly used. I’ve pondered, since, whether that was their polite way of saying “reckless”, but no matter, leave is what I had to do and brave certainly wasn’t the word I used then, nor would I use it now.

It isn’t brave when your mind and body are consumed by overwhelm and exhastion, and you decide to change that.

When you feel numb to the world around you, no longer knowing what you want, or how you feel, just knowing in the depths of your soul that it’s not this, it isn’t brave to change that.

It isn’t brave to change your relaxation strategy from wine, chocolate, and shitty TV.

So, brave isn’t the word. At the time, I would have said it was essential, critical, an absolute must for my sanity, my wellbeing, and my life.

Now, I would call it self-love.

And yet…still, in our society, our culture, if we put ourselves first; if we honour our deep wishes and needs, it’s seen as brave….or reckless, stupid.

Questions for your musing and pondering

  • What does being brave mean to you?
  • What words do you use that you might reframe for a different outcome?
  • What decisions are there for you to make?

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