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Honouring the impermanence of life

Welcome to Autumn’s edition of The Morning Cuppa

Sep 2022

Well, what a summer it’s been! Starting with an enforced wintering following an accident that resulted in a fractured lumbar, ending with an abundance of creativity, with a whole heap of extreme heat lodged between the two. I’ve noticed a lot of activity around me in both my physical and virtual circles. People seem to have been summering hard, and though I’ve done my own version of summering, I’ve felt somewhat like an outsider looking in on a strange new game that I can’t quite decide if I want to join in on or not. It’s all brought new awareness about my life and the world around me, and if I’m being completely honest, I’m not quite ready for Autumn. Nature is a great mirror and metaphor for our lives and each season shows us the nature of change. I’ve been writing about the different aspects of life this time of year shows us, and how we can honour it all, especially the tender spots that we often miss as we busy our way through life. So, as much as I don’t feel quite ready for Autumn, I know that it’s time to take nature’s cue and stop to take stock of what’s needed next. In this edition of The Morning Cuppa, I’ve got a few articles to share with you, all flavoured with the departure of summer and the emergence of autumn; along with some thoughts and ideas for your own pondering and reflections. I hope you enjoy them all.

Autumn Honouring

In our busyness of life, we can miss the opportunities that the seasons bring us to live life with more ease. In this short article I muse on how we can honour all of it. Read it here.

Next Summer I’ll Wear Shorts

A short poem inspired by my feelings of watching from the outside and a sense of things I haven’t done as I’ve given my attention to my recovery. Read it here

Queen Elizabeth

Donna Ashworth wrote in this poem about the eerie silence that descended on the country in the days following the death of the Queen. Her words resonated, I was also feeling a sense of melancholy. Whatever your views on the monarchy as an institution, the death of someone who has been in the backdrop of our lives for most, if not all, of our lifetime, brings us an opportunity for reflection. A friend wrote on their social media profile that it had given them an opportunity to reflect on how they love. I commented it’s given me an opportunity to reflect on how I grieve, my own heartache and loss mixed up in the collective grief, and the impact that has on me. In the days since, it’s also given me an opportunity to reflect on the values that the Queen stood for and what that means for how I want to live my life and do service in the world. Whatever the death of Queen Elizabeth has brought up for you, go gently. Give yourself the time to pause and reflect. Use the energies of autumn to take stock of the life that the Queen led, honour the impermanence of her life, and all life. Feel the gratitude for everything that life brings and be bold and courageous in letting go of what is no longer needed.

Shadows & Reflections

The natural environment at this time of year is beautiful (as it always is to be fair!) and the shadows and reflections I captured in this image made me think of the shadows and reflections in our lives. What is it that life is showing us that needs attention? So, as I do my autumn-ing, I’d like to invite you to do the same.

From an emotional, physical, and practical perspective, what do you need to sift, sort, and clear? 

As autumn is the gateway to winter, if you were to allow your wintering to be far less about doing, and more about retreating and finding inner stillness, what needs to happen through autumn to enable that?

As you reflect on the words of autumn below, what comes up for you?

Gratitude – Clearing – Preparation – Ending – Discernment – Courage

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