About Me 

Me Professionally

My career to date has been one of management, leadership and personal development roles, within corporate organisations.

I’m a trained and experienced coach and facilitator, specialising in personal effectiveness, helping people to be the best they can be.

In 2019, exhausted and worn down, I left my well paid, secure job to explore new things. Little did I really know that my unravelling had started years before and that leaving the comfort and security of corporate life was just another part of that process.

Now, I still work in the private sector but in a role that is more suited to my needs. I also do some freelance work for a local charity, along with some executive and life coaching.

Me Personally

I’m a simple soul, loving nothing better than cosying up with a good book, taking a glorious walk in nature, or having great conversation with great people.

I’m a deep thinker and conversationalist. I’m quiet, thought-full, calm and measured. Sometimes I take life and myself too seriously. Sometimes I can take the pi** out of it all and see things with humour and lightness.

I’m married with two grown up children who have always inspired me to be the best version of me possible. Leaving the world a better place for them and other generations is my mission in life.

What I’m Up To At The Moment

I’m working in a role that allows me the physical and mental space to focus on other things that are important to me in life. I love that about it, and it was something I was really clear about when finding other work after leaving my corporate role.

So, aside from doing that, I’m writing this blog. I’ve been writing for many years but have now decided to pull it all together in this blog…I’m building as I go, rather than wait for it to be the finished article (another piece of the unravelling!)

I’m especially proud of the work I’m doing with a local charity, supporting them with their project on combatting lonliness in the community. It’s a real honour to be doing work for an organisation whose work makes such a difference to people’s lives.

I’m also about to embark on a nature guide training course. More to come on that…

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