One of the ways I’ve found that helps me manage the chaos and overwhelm is to harness the rhythmic energies of the seasons, to work with their ebbs and flows so that I can optimise my energy and focus. You can read more about the energies across all the seasons in one of my other blogs here.

So as summer emerges here in the UK, let’s look at it’s key energy and how you can harness it to bring more ease and flow into your life.

On an aside, though relevant, as someone who has a preference for introversion, it can be easy for me to spend more time observing life rather than participating in it. Harnessing the energy of summer is a great way to ensure I allow the more extrovert, participative side of me to come out! So, if you have a preference for introversion, if you find the slow, retreating energy of winter much easier to align with, then give summer a go. Read on or watch the video to find out how. Equally, if you have a preference for extraversion and would love it to be summer all year, then read or watch, I have something for you too.

Summer is the season of creation and abundance, the seeds sown in spring are growing into their full bloom. The height of summer is all about long sun-kissed days spent on the beach and in the parks, it’s the masculine energy of yang, action and extraverting.

Especially if the weather is sunny and dry, it can be a season of over-indulgence, of over-doing. We tend to simply add-on activities to enjoy the summer which can lead to exhaustion and overwhelm. We might take two weeks off work for the annual summer holiday but that in itself can create overwhelm as the work we leave behind is still there when we return.

So, how do we enjoy the vibrant energy that summer brings without becoming exhausted?

Well, we need to stop doing some stuff. If we let go of the energy of spring and allow ourselves to move through the energy of summer and ultimately into autumn, it will feel more easeful. It’s like the waxing phase of the lunar cycle, the newness has been planted and we’re we’re expanding into full growth, at which point we stop and allow the retreating (the waning phase) to move through us.

What on earth does that all mean?!

It’s a time for bringing the ideas and projects you seeded in spring, into full fruition. It’s not a time for starting new projects so resist the urge and focus on the full potential and growth of the things you’ve already started. If you find yourself buzzing with new ideas, write them down somewhere and come back to them in spring when it’s time for new life.

Carve out time in your week to focus on fun and adventure. Prioritise this over and above the mundane ‘stuff’ – make one day (or even just half a day) your ‘play day’. But ditch stuff, don’t just add this in. 

Make sure you give attention to your self care. In the headiness of it all, it’s easy to forget to take care of your basic needs – water, sleep, rest, sun cream! Now might be a good time to reassess your self care needs to make sure that as well as the fun and frolics you are also giving attention to your wellbeing. You can grab a copy here.

Overall, summer is vibrant, dynamic and fun. Enjoy it!

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