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Hello, I’m Wendy

I work with high achieving leaders who are completely overwhelmed by all the things they are holding.

Feeling like something just isn’t right anymore, and that what you once thought as important to how you lead, now no longer works.

In turn, you can see the impact on the culture of the organisation.

A culture of always on and always doing, driven by a relentless and incessant need to always be busy. And knowing that that serves nobody.

You want to be the great leader you know you are, and to create a great culture within your organisation, but not like this.

But you also don’t believe it’s possible to be successful and to be able to thrive at the same time. One must come at the cost of the other.

I hear you, this was me a few years ago. I wore the busy-ness badge of honour for many years, unconsciously believing it was a sign of success.

Unconsciously believing it was the only way to be, if I wanted to do the work I wanted to do and live the life I wanted to live.

But here’s the thing:

  • Everyone deserves to be successful and to be able to thrive in life.
  • Everyone deserves to be led by a leader who role models this and genuinely cares about creating a culture of success and wellbeing.
  • Success at work shouldn’t have to mean exhausting yourself along the way, or compromising on what’s important in your life.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to be the leader you want to be and to create the culture you want, without the busyness and overwhelm.

I can partner with you to examine how things are right now, and to create the strategy and the conditions that are better suited for the leadership you want to model and the culture you want to create for your organisation.

This isn’t easy work. You’ll need to be committed to the challenge and be willing to make some changes to the way you are currently showing up, leading, and setting the tone of the organisation. 

I also know that as a high achieving leader with the skills you have amassed, you can do this. Imagine the leader you want to be. Imagine the culture you want to create. It is possible, and I would love to work with you to get there.

If you’re ready, let’s have a conversation. 

What my clients have said

"Wendy is an amazing coach, she is calm and thoughtful, and quickly tuned in to how I think and where I needed challenging to help me break from my ‘comfort zone’. I would truly recommend Wendy and her programme as it not only gives you the traditional benefits of coaching but focusses on your strengths as a woman. It will not only improve your life but will give you a box of life-long tools that help you maintain that change."

Mel, Marketing Director

"Wendy is a warm and engaging person. I really enjoyed our sessions together as she gently challenged me to new ways of thinking. I felt comfortable sharing my hopes and fears with her and confident that she could help me find a way through. I would highly recommend Wendy’s coaching for anyone looking to make changes in their life or find new perspectives on current challenges."

Emma, Global Senior Manager

Before coaching with Wendy, I was starting to question myself, my approach, and values, I very much felt like an imposter. The coaching gave me the reassurance and a reminder that I am where I am because of who I am and what I stand for. Talking through real life scenarios and where my conflict was coming from, helped me identify and learn new tools to handle situations better and understand what is in my control. Ultimately giving me a level of self confidence and authenticity to my style of working/ management. Wendy is very easy to talk to and a good listener, she brought an instant calmness to our conversations. She is able to quickly identify areas and opportunities to develop I perhaps was not aware of or willing to see myself.

Senior Marketing Professional

Prior to starting the coaching I was feeling very lost and stuck with the same negative thought patterns that were not serving me. I felt physically depleted and did not have the head space to consider things rationally. I feel like I have had a complete shift in my mindset for the better. Some of the tools that Wendy shared have been so useful and powerful and ones I can dip into as and when I need it. The coaching has had a huge positive impact on both my personal and professional life. I feel more grounded, confident and relaxed about things out of my control. I found Wendy very easy to work with and felt comfortable to be my authentic self with. I didn't ever feel judged. Wendy strikes the right balance between listening and asking questions and has a great way of summarising and reflecting on things I may have said during the session.

Claire, Financial Controller


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